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Causes of slimy throat and how to relieve it

A slimy throat can cause discomfort, so you feel like you need to clean your throat continuously. Sore throat, hoarseness, and cough can also accompany this condition. Although not dangerous, you should know the causes behind this condition and how to overcome it so that it does not happen again. Mucus is normally produced by various parts of the body. In the throat, mucus functions to maintain the humidity of this area and trap foreign objects and organisms, such as dirt, dust, parasites, viruses, and bacteria, so it does not enter deeper into the respiratory tract. But in some conditions, mucus production in the throat can become too much. In addition, mucus from the nose can also go down and accumulate in the throat. This condition is called postnasal drip. Various Causes of Slimy Throat The body produces mucus about 1-1.5 liters every day. However, this number can increase when you experience the following conditions: Allergies, for example allergic to dust or pollen. Infec
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Prospective bride, let's know the recommended vaccine before marriage

Marriage preparation turns out to be not just a matter of buildings and dresses, you know. The bride and groom are encouraged to vaccinate before marriage, as an effort to prevent diseases that may appear after marriage. Come on, know what types of vaccines are recommended before marriage. The health condition of the bride and groom is important to consider before marriage. This is because after marriage, you will have sex regularly. In addition, the possibility that you are pregnant is very big. By giving the vaccine, you can be protected from several dangerous diseases. 5 Types of Vaccines Recommended Before Marriage Here are 5 types of vaccines that can be given before you get married and have children: 1. DPT (diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus) and TT (tetanus toxoid) The Indonesian government requires TT vaccinations for brides. But if you have done the previous DPT vaccination, you do not need to do TT vaccination again. This is because the DPT vaccine has covered three dise

Tips to Protect Your Child from Child Abduction

Missing or abducted children is one of the greatest fears of parents. To prevent and be more alert, Mother and Father need to learn ways to protect children from this unexpected situation. Letting your child move alone or with peers, it is good to train children to be able to be independent. Even so, Mother and Father still need to give him extra attention, especially with the presence of social media that can make children more easily targeted by crime. Therefore, it is increasingly important for parents to be more vigilant and equip children to be able to look after themselves. Teach Children to Take Care of Yourself Giving Little One more attention is not a reason Mother and Father are paranoid or overprotective of her. A safe home and school environment, and teaching children to take care of themselves when their parents are not with them can be done to support them being able to become independent children. Here are some steps Mother and Father can do: Talk with children a